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Different Types of Windows for Your Home

Different Types of Windows for Your Home

Windows are the “eyes” of a home. Windows not only allow natural light in, they also add character to a home’s façade, making interior rooms feel bright and inviting. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an old apartment, here are the most common window types to use.

Sash windows

These windows have movable “sash” panels that provide frames for panes of glass. Single-hung sash windows are made up of a fixed top sash and a movable bottom sash panel that can be adjusted up or down to regulate air flow. For double-hung sash windows, both sash panels can be adjusted for even better ventilation.

Picture windows

Picture windows are windows are designed without panes or other details to obstruct views and do not open. The idea is to lets in ample natural light while showcasing the view outside like an oversize work of art. However, some picture windows have sliding glass doors on adjacent wall that opens to let in the breeze.

Hinged casement windows

Casement windows are windows equipped with a hinge on the side that allows the window pane to swing open. It is a hugely popular window type designed to allow for unobstructed views when the windows are open.

Gridded, metal-framed windows

Black metal-framed gridded windows that often characterize industrial architecture, have become iconic, both in period buildings and new builds thanks to the increasing popularity of industrial chic design and the widespread repurposing of disused industrial architecture throughout the world.

Bay windows

A bay window is a central window or group of windows flanked by additional windows that jut out from a building’s walls and create a “bay” inside a room. Bay windows add scene-stealing character to any room as well as a luxurious amount of natural light.

Dormer windows

Dormer-style windows protrude from the roof of a house. They are used to provide natural light to the home and therefore increase usable space in an attic. Dormer windows first became popularized Paris (in mansard-roofed Parisian apartment buildings) but can be found in various styles of architecture around the world.

There are so many different types of windows for your home that sometimes too many choices make it difficult to choose however you can always refer to your local Hardware store or talk with your Bethany Property Management company on how to make the best choice.

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