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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Hoarding and your Rental Property

The word “hoarding” was originally coined to describe the behavior of animals storing food for future use; it has now become a term for human behavior.  People sometimes acquire too many possessions and can have difficulty discarding or letting go of them. When these behaviors lead to enough clutter and disorganization to threaten or disrupt a person’s safety or health, it can become a disorder and a rental property nightmare. Hoarding can create chaos and lead to safety and sanitation issues for those in apartments or rental homes – and can affect those in the surrounding area. At the very worst, if not dealt with situations such as this can attract insects, rodents, etc. which can lead to diseases and then it can really get serious.

If you have a hoarder as a tenant in your OKC Rental Property – you must tread lightly and carefully to ensure that you are doing things correctly to protect you and your rental property.

Here are some hints about how to deal with this property management issue.

It is important to first document the situation very thoroughly, take notes, take pictures, etc. Certainly you should try and offer help to remedy the situation. You could offer counseling and even arrange to help clean up the situation. It is far less costly to try and help your renters to clean up the situation than to hire contract labor to do it. You will want to be proactive about this because your rental property value could take a major hit in value if things get really out of control.

There have been instances over the years where the hoarding got so bad and caused so much damage that the properties had to be condemned and demolished. You should be very clear about giving notice and try to give your renters a fair chance to change the circumstances. Legal advice here is a “no-brainer”, get it and proceed with caution.

As a last resort, you may have to start the eviction process if things are not improving and the situation is getting out of control.  Check the hoarding laws in your local area to protect you and your rental home investment.

Who knows, you could end up being an integral part in the hoarder’s rehabilitation to better mental health and a safer living environment.  Call Real Property Management Enterprises today or visit us online at and we will assist you in all your Oklahoma City property management needs.


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