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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Spring isn’t the only time to give your home a good cleaning!

Spring isn’t the only time that your home needs to have a good cleaning. Before the holiday decorating it is a good idea to give your house a good scrubbing before you bring in the seasonal decorations such as a tree and holiday lights. You may be hosting a holiday party too and no one wants to see the cob webs hanging from the lights.

Cold weather cleaning can consist of many things. Real Property Management Enterprises has come up with some great tips for that winter home cleaning.sping cleaning

  • Wash the windows to allow what sun is out to shine on in.
  • Mop your floors really good and take up those throw rugs and throw in the wash.
  • Start dusting. Start in one room and go to the next with a good dusting cleaner. Make sure if you are using a rag to wash it every now and then.
  • Get those carpets steam cleaned and make sure to watch for those stubborn stains of the summer. Remember during the holidays your family might sit on the floor to exchange gifts or play games and at times, they might just fall asleep there.
  • Hit the kitchen and wipe down everything so that you can get ready for the holiday  meals that you will be serving.
  • Wash the sheets in the guest rooms to prepare for guests.
  • Clean the dog bed and or cat litter box. And have the pet groomed so that he doesn’t shed all over your freshly cleaned house.
  • Sweep or blow the leaves off your porches so that when that north wind hits they will not blow back in your home.

Whether or not you do the winter cleaning yourself or hire a cleaning service to help, giving your home a good cleaning in the winter certainly helps make your life easier. No one wants to work all day, go shopping, attend the holiday events and then have to come home to a dirty home.

Winterizing the outside of your home is important too and we will address that in another post soon so stay tuned.

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